Howdy Pardner,

Welcome to JBQ Texas Style - where the quizzing is as fast as a rattler’s strike and as tough as a rawhide. The Lonestar JBQ Invitational is a shoot out that makes for some serious fun for those teams on the trail to the big round up at the National Festival.

Some of the fiercest competition in JBQ comes from our part of the prairie. Every year, Texas has nearly a half dozen teams that place high at the National Festival. In recent years, Texas has produced three national champion teams and two individual top scorers. This is the kind of competition you can expect to wrangle with at the Lonestar JBQ Invitational.

So neighbor, if yer thinkin’ that this would be a rodeo your quizzers would like to ride in, then c’mon. Ya’ll will have more fun than a tornado in a trailer park!

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